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Legacy Support
Made Headway can offer support and extension of legacy applications or systems from a variety of sources. Being experienced in a wide range of architectures and languages means that if a piece of software was developed in the last 20 years we probably have the capability to support and extend it.
The benefits are numerous:
  • No need to have a working legacy application re-written where we can support it
  • Extensions and upgrades can take advantage of modern techniques and features
  • Often we can make a partial transition to a new system, meaning a full later transition can be pain free
  • All support operations will begin with a refactoring and documentation effort, meaning all future support can be provided by us, or any other technically capable provider
  • Our initial appraisal is without charge or obligation, so it is worth contacting us first
Made Headway has much experience taking on systems architected by previous companies and individuals, the majority of which coming without adequate documentation or commenting. Examples of systems we can support include:
Web-based Desktop Mobile/ Embedded
  • Linux/PHP/MySQL ('Lamp')
  • Classic ASP or ASP.NET
  • Flash/Actionscript/ HAXe components
  • C, C++, .NET, C#, Java applications
  • XSLT or Xpath-based processes
  • Scripting; VB-script, javascript, Perl, Python, PHP, Bash or regular expressions
  • Fortran, Cobol, Basic (QB) and other archaic systems
  • J2ME Applications
  • Android, Blackberry and iPhone legacy applications
  • PICC and VHDL legacy
...and many more. Even if you are unsure of the architecture or platform, please contact us if you have a system you need support for.

We can also offer porting of legacy applications to a modern environment where necessary, or more general porting of applications from one platform to another.
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