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What We Do
There are four main strands to what we do:
1. Process Automation
Our aim here is to reduce the cost and/or time involved in performing some task which you do often. This usually involves the following:
  • Coming to your business and discussing your current process
  • Drawing up a proposal, or set of proposals for what automation may entail
  • Producing a detailed specification of the system and what it will mean for your employees when it's in place, as well as a detailed delivery schedule.
  • Producing the system, usually providing occasional progress- builds for internal testing by a named contact on your side
  • Final installation. It is called final, although there is always a substantial grace period given for free maintenance and additional feature requests.
  • Often, we are asked to provide staff training on the new system, largely as a confidence-building exercise.
Additionally, we're always happy to speculatively visit a business to discuss process automation, even if you're not sure there's a possibility of doing so.
2. Bespoke Software
Here, we are asked to provide a piece of software to fulfill a specific purpose. We can work to a detailed specification, or draw it up with your input as the first step. For bespoke software, we would usually:
  • Discuss with you the requirements for the software. We like to ensure any specifications really are as they appear! Getting it right first time is important to us.
  • We would normally then produce a proof of concept application which would in part demonstrate how the final product would behave. This is done prior to making agreements, so you can see what you'd be signing up for.
  • The software would be produced with occasional deliveries, much as with a process automation.
  • If necessary, we ensure that the final installation package is put together suitably so that you can easily propagate the software to whoever needs it.
  • If the software is built on the web, we can host the solution, or build it into your existing infrastructure at your request. We can also offer packages which run over an intranet.
  • We offer support on all software produced for long periods as standard, but also offer extended support as required.
3. Product Development
Here, we meet with a professional from some sector to discuss software which may be applicable in that sector. We will work with them to produce this software in such a way that they retain the rights to the final product when delivered.
  • We can either produce the software as if it were a bespoke work, simply providing the application to the customer for redistribution as they see fit
  • Or we can partner with the customer to produce the software at a reduced rate, and take a share of all subsequent sales.
  • In either case, we would take care of any necessary technical support or update provision requirements.
4. Research & Development
We have an unusual model for performing software research and development, which may be of interest to those companies wishing to outsource some of the more risky components of their work. Our unique proposition:
  • The client sets out the objectives for the research. This may be to find some means of performing some action within some framework, or perhaps optimising some particular piece of existing code to a specified degree. Common examples might be to take specific components out of an image or video, construct a 3D model of some data, analyse sound data in some way or model some scenario.
  • We would then assess the risk of doing this work- based on this, we would set the price and timeframe to produce a successful outcome, by your definition.
  • If you're happy with the definition, we will go away and perform the research task. When complete, we'll present our findings, either positive or negative. If you consider the result not worthwhile from a business perspective, you will not incur the cost of the research.
  • If you consider the result (or the materials produced in determining the result) worthwhile, you would take them from us, and we will give a follow up presentation giving details of all the paths which we followed and their outcomes.
  • Additionally, we are happy to produce plans for extended research in a particular area, for your internal teams to undertake.
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